The Addis Standard Quarterly Journal (ASQJ) issue #2, May 2024( For local customers in Ethiopia, please switch to ETB)

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JAKENN Publishing PLC is happy to bring you the second edition of its most coveted product: The Addis Standard Quarterly Journal (ASQJ).

A beacon of intellectual discourse and literary excellence, our 90-page Quarterly Journal is a sanctuary where the written word thrives, crafted by the minds of prominent writers from the Horn of Africa.

The contents covered in this issue include, but are not limited to, a searing critique of Ethiopia’s compromised sovereignty (Cover); a guest editorial on Ethiopia’s costly war against pragmatic nationalism; a lengthy interview with Jawar Mohammed challenging him with questions he has never been asked before; an article giving a critical assignment for the Ethiopian left to reflect what is liberatory about sub-national self-rule within the context of the otherwise repressive Ethiopia, especially in the wake of the unceremonious [un]making of the former SNNPR; an in-depth on why, despite the setback, Ethiopia’s pursuit of access to the sea will reshape the politics of the horn; an article on the role and the ups and downs of women revolutionaries in Ethiopia, and much more.

In the Addis Standard Quarterly Journal (ASQJ, JAKENN aspires to achieve the power of excellence in journalism curated meticulously to ignite curiosity, provoke thought, and inspire debates.

Dive into a world where ideas converge and narratives unfold with eloquence and depth.

Secure your copy today for $10 only!

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